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What is Sunday Provisions?

You know the taste well: familiar, like Sunday dinner with family, comfortable, warm and filling. That melt-in-your-mouth, give-me-more type of delicious. Think earthy and sweet, a craveable healthy decadence. Welcome to your new pantry staple.

Sunday Provisions is committed to creating delicious, healthy food made with whole ingredients - everything sourced naturally, nothing processed. If we wouldn’t feed it to our families, we wouldn’t feed it to you.


When Chef Gavan Murphy(me) was working as a personal chef in Los Angeles in 2016 one of my clients asked me to make some healthy snacks without using almonds or peanuts. I was in Wholefoods and saw a bag of pecans and went home and Pecan Smash was born. I wasn’t driven to make a food product but merely something clean and healthy that I would eat (I’m very picky) and good enough to feed my family. I realized there wasn’t a pecan butter available to consumers so I decided to roll the dice and launch a product.

Fast forward a few years and here we are. My vision is to bring healthy delicious food to everyone.

You’re part of the journey!!

Thanks for your support.

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