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Spiced Greek Yogurt Bowl

Spiced Greek Yogurt Bowl

A Greek Yogurt Bowl Is One Of The Easiest, Tastiest Snacks (And Breakfasts) To Whip Up. Our Recipe For A Spiced Greek Yogurt Bowl Will Tantalize Your Taste Buds And Satiate Your Hunger Throughout The Day. 


We spiced up our bowl with a bunch of different ingredients for color, texture and, of course, taste. However, keep in mind you can use any combination of ingredients you enjoy. We definitely recommend no matter how you make your yogurt bowl, including a dollop of our pecan butters for that healthy, filling ingredient.

Beardy Boys' creator Gavan Murphy's ingredients of choice for his bowl are:

- Pecans
- Dried Cranberries
- Purely Elizabeth Granola
- Cinnamon-infused Pecan Spice

Once you have your ingredients laid out and ready, grab a bowl and add your greek yogurt to it. Start by sprinkling pecans on top of the yogurt (about a handful of pecans). Next, grab your dried cranberries and add them to the bowl for color, texture and flavor. Your granola is next! Add a handful or two on top for texture; granola gives you a nice crunch! Finish your bowl with a big honking dollop of Pecan Spice


Experiment with ingredients and amounts of each - making this snack is just as fun as eating it! Now, grab a spoon and chow down. 

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