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Grilled PB and J with a Twist

Grilled PB and J with a Twist

The year when your classic PB and J is no longer just a PB and J - it gets a serious update. When you thought you couldn't get much healthier than this lifelong favorite, we're here to show you that you are wrong. 

PB and J, n.: a Pecan Butter and Jelly sandwich, grilled to delicious perfection. 

Start by grabbing a jar of our classic Pecan Smash, or any other flavor of our healthy pecan spreads your heart desires. Grab two pieces of bread, whichever kind calls to your soul (we're not here to lecture you on how to live your life). Slather Pecan Smash on one piece of bread to your liking. Next, break out your jam or jelly and slather that on the second piece of bread. 

Bring the two pieces of bread together in Pecan Butter and Jelly matrimony. Fire up your stove burner, set to medium heat and warm up that skillet. Toss your sandwich on the skillet, cook for one minute on each side to attain grilled PB and J heaven. Throw the sandwich on a plate. If you prefer, slice your sandwich down the middle or on a diagonal.

Time to chow down - grab yourself a glass of milk and enjoy our twist on this classic sandwich. 

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