Shamrock Smash Shake

In honor of St. Paddy's day - our favorite holiday - and creator Gavan Murphy's home country of Ireland, treat yourself to our delicious Shamrock Smash Shake. It's hard to believe this shake is healthy...


Stop drooling over all those posters you see hanging outside McDonald's and make your own shake using a few simple ingredients: 

- Spinach
- Kale
- Swiss chard
- Raspberries
- Almond milk
- Pecan Choco

Get a bowl. Fill that bowl with a mixture of kale, spinach and Swiss chard. About a handful of each - the amount of each is up to you, proportion according to your tastes and preferences. Put that in your blender. Then, grab a nice handful of raspberries and add that to your blender. Grab a cup of almond milk and add that in. Then, take your jar of our famous Pecan Choco and add a  couple spoonfuls to your blender. 


Once everything is added, blend it all together. Do a little jig while you wait for your shake to be complete. Once smooth, pour it into your favorite green mug and enjoy your delicious Shamrock Smash Shake. Look for a rainbow forming overhead. Sláinte!


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Eliza Hunt