Snack Ideas for Kids


One age old question remains: how do you get your kids to eat their fruits and veggies (minus the temper tantrums, disgusted faces and gagging noises)?

The answer: add a dollop of healthy, nutritious and delicious Beardy Boys Pecan Spreads in the mix! Beardy Boys creator Gavan Murphy pairs vegetables like baby carrots, snow peas and even celery with a bit of Pecan Smash or Pecan Spice. Kids feel like they're spoiling their taste buds as they ask for more and you feel confident knowing your children are nourished with organic, healthy foods. It's a win-win for all. Plus, Beardy Boys healthy pecan spreads are a healthy alternative to store-bought, processed peanut butter, which is riddled with sugar and preservatives. 

If your kids have a sweet tooth or you're looking for a healthy dessert alternative (you'll enjoy them, too), create a fruit platter of bananas, pears and apples, adding a dollop of any of Beardy Boys flavors of healthy pecan spreads. Your kids are sure to get the sugar fix they crave without consuming any junk foods. 

Add Pecan Choco to a piece of toast to start your child's morning off on the right foot, helping them stay full and focused throughout the day. A much healthier alternative to spreads like Nutella and just as delicious!

When they get home after a hectic school day, add some Pecan Smash to celery and top it with raisins for an even healthier spin on the classic ants on a log, without the peanut butter or fattening cream cheese. 

No matter how you pair Beardy Boys healthy pecan spreads with fruits and veggies, your children are sure to enjoy them and will definitely ask for more. Play around with different combinations and ideas, have fun and most importantly of all, enjoy!

Our classic Pecan Smash is made with three simple ingredients: organic Pecans, organic Maple Syrup and Celtic Sea Salt. Add raw, organic cacao powder to get our Pecan Choco flavor. Pecan Spice is cinnamon-infused for an added kick in your day. And Pecan Joe contains the perfect balance of coffee and nut butter to wake up your senses. 

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