Why Pecan Butter? Q&A with Gavan Murphy



There are A TON of different types of nut butters out there – but why pecan nut butter? Here's our Q&A with Gavan Murphy, the genius behind Beardy Boys healthy nut spreads. Dive deeper into the motivation behind the product and what makes Beardy Boys stand out. After all, behind every great product is an even greater story.

Q: What inspired you to create Beardy Boys healthy nut spreads?


Gavan: Venice Beach, California 2014: Two guys walk into Gold’s Gym – one French, the other Irish. While trying to understand each other through seriously thick accents, a couple of 200 lb dumbbells (we don’t mean us) and lots of trash talking, we became fast friends. We discovered a shared passion for great style, facial hair and, more importantly, amazing food. Being on the other side of 40, eating well and staying shredded…well, not so easy. Cue the inspiration for Beardy Boys healthy pecan spreads.

Beardy Boys is a company created on the premise that you can keep pushing weights, living clean and eating great at any age. Simple ingredients. Locally sourced. Always organic.

Q: What is your background in the food industry? What about health industry?

Gavan: I trained as a chef in Ireland at the world-renowned Ballymaloe Cookery school where my passion for using organic, wholesome ingredients originated. Los Angeles, being the Mecca of health and fitness (as seen in Gold’s Gym), was the perfect destination to continue my career in healthy cooking. With 23 years of cooking in my genes, it’s no wonder food and fashion (I mean, just take a look at that beard!) collided to create Beardy Boys healthy nut spreads.

Q: Why Pecan butter? Why not almond or peanut or cashew butter?

Gavan: Pecans are best known for their use in pecan pies around the holidays, but utilizing them in an everyday spread in four fun flavors? Genius in a jar. I built a premium product line using all-star ingredients, which I personally sourced and tested. 

Our product is unusual in that we use pecans, which are typically used around the holidays. I’m making their use more mainstream, since pecans originated in North America and they're packed with health benefits. It just makes sense.


Q: What sets Beardy Boys apart from its competitors?

Gavan: Beardy Boys was created with the vision of marrying the two worlds of food and fashion, combining the Beardy Boys’ respective experience in both industries. The plan was to create a food line that has the look and feel of a premium fashion line, but adding a twist of the unknown.

Q: What is your favorite flavor of Beardy Boys?

Gavan: My favorite is definitely the chocolate-infused Pecan Choco. We use the finest raw, unsweetened, 100% cacao powder in the recipe. Combining it with the maple and pecans creates a clean low-sugar, yet decadent, burst in one bite. It’s great on croissants, as well as in smoothies.

It’s even the perfect match for raw veggies for a delicious, on-the-go snack. Kids love it, too!

Q: What kind of a difference are you hoping to make through Beardy Boys?


Gavan: The positive response we get from customers when they taste our product for the first, second and sometimes third time is very humbling. To have people enjoy and pay for our product is amazing and extremely gratifying. 

For the last 25 years of cooking for a living, I now have the opportunity to reach the mainstream with my products, which is very exciting!

Q: How can Pecan spreads improve someone’s quality of life?

Gavan: Eating a clean and balanced diet doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your food. People expect to know what’s in food and being transparent with ingredients is not only important, but the new norm. With our product, what’s on the ingredient list is what’s in the jar. Pure and simple.

Q: What do you believe is the future of health and wellness?

Gavan: Lots of people eating our pecan butters and smiling!


Need a bite of sunshine? Brighten Your Day with Beardy Boys!

Eliza Hunt