Smash Away September Stress



As September rolls in, we fall back into our busy routines once again (RIP summer sun - until next time!). But oh, how it's hard! Take time to set up a daily schedule to help you with the transition. Make the rest of your life the best of your life with these quick tips:

1. Make Lists

This may seem obvious, but it's often overlooked. Making lists - FOR EVERYTHING - will help you manage your tasks big time. Making a list de-clutters your mind, allowing you to focus on bigger tasks, as well as keeps you focused and on task. A study at Dominican University of California found when you list your goals, you are 33% more likely to achieve them. Not only does writing down the information solidify it in your mind's eye, but you become motivated and accountable because you are physically reminded of your goal.

2. Think of Future You

When you come home after a long day of work, you throw your keys on the table, plop your bag on the floor, kick off your shoes and relax. You don't put much thought into any of these actions - they're automatic. So when you have to take Billy to soccer practice at six o' clock and you can't remember the last place you saw your keys, you panic. Big time.

Do your future self a favor and form positive habits to help you stay organized throughout the day. Instead of throwing your keys on the table, take a few minutes to purchase a hook to stick next to the door where you can hang them every time you come home. Forming this positive habit ensures you know EXACTLY where your keys are each time you need them, saving a lot of time and stress for future you. 

3. Start Your Day Before You End It

We can't stress this one enough - always start your day before you end your day. This means, take a few moments before the end of each day to go over what you've done that day and what needs to be done tomorrow. You'll begin each day knowing EXACTLY what needs to be accomplished - how refreshing!

4. Make Time For Yourself

You MUST make time to take care of yourself each day. It's easy to get lost in busy Fall schedules and forget to take time out of the day for yourself. Be sure to do things you enjoy doing each day, exercise and eat properly. 

5. Eat Lots of Beardy Boys

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Eliza Hunt