Mother's Day Gift Ideas To Get Started



Shopping for that special mother in your life can be….difficult. What says “I love and appreciate you” in a unique, yet thoughtful way? Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

For that classic lady in your life.
She’s classic in so many ways. Timeless and beautiful, ready for every occasion. She stands out from the crowd and all eyes are on her when she enters the room. For that classic woman in your life, stick with the classics - flowers, lotions, perfumes, a romantic dinner, a walk on the beach, her favorite tea and some Pecan Smash reflect her beauty, inside and out. 

For the woman who spices up your life. 
Hugging her is like coming home; she wraps you in her arms and you feel instantly at ease. She assuages all your worries and fears; she helps you out when you need it most, she lifts you up when you’re down and just has something special about her you can’t quite put your finger on. For the woman who brightens each of your days and loves to cook, spice up her kitchen with new spices for her to use, replace her old cutlery with new, upgrade those kitchen appliances, help her redecorate her home and furnishings and add some Pecan Spice into the mix to show her how much the little things she does daily mean to you. 

For the sweetheart with a sweet tooth.
She’s sweet, sassy and a little sarcastic. The only thing sweeter than her personality is her sweet tooth! For that sweetheart in your life, gift her chocolates, homemade cookies, a handmade gift with sentimental value, sign her up for a professional photo session or get some of her favorite photos framed, write her a poem or make a card and whatever you do, don’t forget to add Pecan Choco to top it all off. 

For the woman with a wild heart.
She’s unpredictable, a bundle of energy and you just can’t help being spellbound by everything she does. She’s wild, can’t be contained - and you wouldn’t want it any other way. For the adventurous woman in your life, try planning a Groupon date, go for a hike and plan a romantic lunch overlooking a beautiful view, take her for a wild time skydiving or bungee jumping, pamper her with a massage or spa day, plan a day doing something she’s never done before and don’t forget to start the day with Pecan Joe for that morning pick-me-up. 

There are so many ways to show that special woman in your life you love and appreciate everything she does - get creative and don’t overthink it! Whatever you decide to give her, make sure to include the one thing every woman loves: Beardy Boys’ world-renowned pecan butters. Happy shopping!


Don't forget the Pecan Butter!

Eliza Hunt