How to Curb Cravings with these 5 Easy Tricks



Eating right is essential for maintaining good health. Weight loss is 75% diet and about 25% exercise, after all. What you’re putting in your body is one of the most overlooked aspects of weight loss because people really don’t want to “give up” some of their favorite foods. Well, I’m here to tell you: it’s not about giving up your favorite foods at all! When trying to lose weight, portion control is an essential part of the process. When is enough, well, enough? And what about all those cravings, who am I to deny them? There are easy ways to curb cravings, portion control and lose weight without sacrificing your favorite foods. Read on for five tips for curbing cravings this year.

Understand your Cravings


Sometimes, when we crave certain foods, it’s our body’s way of telling us that we want a certain vitamin or mineral. For example, you might crave a juicy steak, which is your body’s way of letting you know it could use some iron. To quench your cravings, try eating some spinach instead if you’re trying to cut down on red meats. See how simple that was? Now, of course, not all cravings are due to your body signaling for a certain vitamin or mineral. The main takeaway is to listen to your body and what it’s trying to tell you - it might not be as obvious as it seems at first glance. 

For a great chart and examples of what craving certain foods could mean, and which foods to eat to reduce those cravings, check out this article by clicking on this link.

Drink Plenty of Water


Drinking water and beating thirst will make a huge difference in curbing cravings. About 60% of your entire body is water! Often, when we’re thirsty, we interpret that as hunger, which causes us to overeat and give in to cravings. In reality, we were never even hungry to begin with! Learn the difference between a thirst craving and a hunger craving. The one thing that will help you immensely in this arena is drinking more water every day. Don’t worry, I’m not here to tell you you need to drown yourself in a bunch of water that seems unattainable. Start by just drinking one more cup of water each day than you normally would. Once you’re properly hydrated, you’ll feel much better and have more energy. Plus, you’ll learn the difference between thirst and hunger. Drinking water is perfect to help cut down on overeating and cravings. When you begin to feel hungry, drink a glass of water first to help fill you up - it will curb a craving, in addition to help you portion control meals. 

Chew Gum


Craving something sweet? What about fried? Pop a stick of gum in your mouth and get chewing! Chewing gum satisfies your oral fixation, which is why many eat out of emotion (generally boredom) or habit. However, chewing gum keeps your mouth and mind occupied, helping to curb cravings. This works especially well when you’re not actually hungry. Chewing gum instead of giving in to a craving helps to disrupt and ultimately curb any bad eating habits you’ve accidentally created throughout the years.

Switch One Habit for Another


This one goes along with chewing gum or popping a mint when you’re craving something you really don’t want to eat. Want to know the best way to break an old bad habit? Replace it with a new, good one! Seriously. If you really want to curb cravings, anytime one comes on, do something that doesn’t involve food - maybe that’s writing, or dancing, singing, reading, hitting the gym, taking a hot shower - whatever it is, replace the old habit with a new one and you’ll curb cravings in no time. Switching one habit for another is more effective than just totally eradicating bad habits in the long run. 

Treat Yourself Once a Week


Train your brain! Seriously. Don’t cut yourself off from everything you love all at once - that is setting yourself up for disaster. Instead, curb cravings by designating one day a week to indulge in some of your favorites that aren’t so great for you all the time. For example, I use Saturdays as a cheat day - I might have a burger and cheese fries on Saturday, and skip indulging in these the rest of the week. This helps me stay on track with eating healthier, without fear of completely ruining my healthy eating habits all week by giving in to cravings. It also helps me beat cravings throughout the week because I know I’ll be eating my favorites on Saturday. Setting up a day once a week makes eating healthier the rest of the week a very attainable goal and gives you something to look forward to every week!

Eating healthier doesn’t mean sacrificing your favorite foods - it means eating smarter. Implement the quick tips above in your everyday routine and you’ll find yourself curbing cravings in no time. Remember: understand your cravings, drink plenty of water, chew gum, switch one habit for another and treat yourself once a week for success in your weight loss journey. 


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