Snack Attack: 10 Ways to Power Your Day



Picking the right snack to munch on between meals is crucial for your overall health. You want to pick options that are healthy, but will also leave you full and energized throughout your day. That way, by the time dinner rolls around, you’ll feel satisfied and won’t be tempted with those midnight snacks. It’s no secret that pecans are extremely good for your heart (see: basically, all of our other blog posts). Our pecan butters happen to be absolutely incredible AND healthy - we know, it's magical.

Scroll through the pics below and treat yourself to some of our favorite ways to snack with our pecan butters. 

1. Fruit, crackers and pecan butter


What can we say? It’s such a good combo. Swap out cheese with our healthy pecan spreads, a heart-healthy alternative. 

2. Bread and butter


Grab some bread. Grab some pecan butter. Smother butter on bread. Enjoy. A delicious and filling snack that will keep you energized and full between meals. Toast your bread, or pair with jelly. Try our Irish Soda Bread recipe.

3. Ants in the mud

Photo Mar 20, 2 13 16 PM.jpg

This one is great for both kids and adults alike! Swap out that fattening cream cheese, or the overly-processed peanut butter, with our organic, natural and healthy pecan butters. 

4. Smoothie


Power through the day with a classic smoothie. Add one of our four flavors of pecan butters in there for protein and fiber. Fill up that stomach, then crush the day. Simple.

5. Granola bar with pecan butter


It’s all about keeping up those energy levels and what better way to do it then topping a fiber-filled granola bar with our protein-packed pecan butters. Quick, easy and delicious. 

6. Just the spoon


One spoon + one jar of pecan butter = perfection. You really don’t need anything else. We promise.

7. Pecan butter on a rice cake


Low calories? Check. Filling? Check. Nutritious? Check. This sounds like an all-around winning snack-time favorite.

8. No-bake protein bites


These protein packed bites are great for the whole family. Your new post-workout snack!

9. Cucumber bites with butter and carrots


You can’t go wrong with veggies and pecan butter. Skip the fattening dips and opt for a healthier option, one keeping you happy and full all day. Pat yourself on the back for making a good life decision when you’re done.  

10. Plantain chips and butter

Photo Oct 03, 4 22 58 PM.jpg

The perfect mix of salty and sweet to satisfy those taste buds all afternoon, without all the added…junk. Simple, healthy and delicious. Try Bare Snacks with our pecan butters for a fresh snack.

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