10 Breakfast Ideas to Start Your Day



Arguably the most important meal of your day, start things off with this magic breakfast recipe: fruit and a serving of whole grains, bran flakes or whole-wheat toast. Add some of our famous pecan butters into the mix to really amp up your entire day - our butters are packed with health benefits and with four flavors to choose from, there’s a flavor to match your mood every day.

Check out the list below for some healthy and delicious recipe ideas to start your day:

1. Pecan Butter and Fruit

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Ahhh, this classic pairing will kick start your day in the most delicious way! Any of our pecan butters pair amazingly well with basically any fruit. Want to spice up your apple? Hollow out the center of an apple, add a dollop or two of Pecan Spice, garnish with coconut flakes and enjoy. 

2. Pecan Butter on Toast


The crunch you love and a sweet flavor without the added sugar. Toast topped with pecan butter is a staple of the breakfast world, especially if you’re on-the-go. Add fruit on there for a balanced, whole breakfast that will leave you happy and full throughout the day. 

3. Oatmeal Bowl Topped with Fruit and Pecan Butter


Good for your heart, good for your gut, good for your brain and good for weight loss. An oatmeal bowl topped with fruit and our pecan butter is a must-have at least one morning every week. There’s so many possibilities for oatmeal bowls and it’s an easy, delicious way to stack your diet with good foods at the beginning of the day. 

4. Granola Bar Topped with Pecan Butter


Add a smothering of our pecan butters on your regular granola bar for an extra kick! The healthy fats in our pecan butter will supplement the fiber and protein in your granola bar, kickstarting your metabolism, keeping up your energy levels and leaving you full and focused. 

5. Muffins with Pecan Butter


Muffins are amazing, especially in the morning! Either use our pecan butters in your muffins for that melt-in-your-mouth bite, or top your muffins with our pecan butters for healthy, crunchy goodness in every bite. 

6. Waffles/Pancakes Topped with Pecan Butter and Fruit


Topping your pancakes and waffles with pecan butter, instead of maple syrup, is delicious and cuts down on morning calories. Add some fruit and a sprinkle of powdered sugar for a delectable, protein packed breakfast! Our pecan butters go well with french toast, too.

7. Pudding with Pecan Butter


Are you a breakfast pudding person? Well maybe you should start now! Whip up some warm chia seed pudding, then add a dollop of pecan butter to it for a special treat. Or make yourself some Pecan Choco Avocado Pudding - one of our personal favorites!

8. Yogurt Parfait with a Dollop of Pecan Butter


Yogurt is GREAT for you every morning, but it can get a little boring if you’re eating the same thing every single day. Switch things up and try something new - add a dollop of our pecan butters to your parfait for sweetness and crunch. It’s the most delicious way to add nuts into your daily diet!

9. Pecan Butter-Coated Bagels


Skip the fattening cream cheese and hit the pecan butters, stat! This substitution is absolutely delicious and a healthy alternative to cream cheese. The healthy fats and protein in the pecan butter will energize you throughout the day and keep you feeling full, so you won’t be tempted to snack as much. 

10. Breakfast Smoothie/Shake


Drink in the health benefits of pecans by adding our pecan butters to your breakfast shake. Shakes are easy and great for those on-the-go. Our pecan butters will add healthy fats into your shake, as well as protein and a sweet taste. Plus, you’ll get a bit of a crunch for some texture. Shake things up in the morning with this recipe!


Make it a Beardy Boys Breakfast!

Eliza Hunt